Artist Statement

I like to think that my decision to enroll in a two year photography course was one of the best things I did in my life. It turned my enjoyment of photography into a profession that keeps me excited and intrigued. I feel a constant sense of reward and satisfaction when creating imagery. Whether I’m photographing a person, product or the beautiful world around us, I always enjoy the creative process and the results that come to a fruition.

The great electronic age of photography, it has introduced some drastic and I must say favorable changes in the way we photograph, process and print images. Anyone who is into visual arts can now indulge in the creative possibilities enabled by this technology. It’s the perfect marriage, and the options are there like never before.

As a photographer, my reward is capturing images that embody the elements and esthetics of my creative pursuit. In my “first edition”, I explore the concept that some images inspire further creative development after the initial image was taken. When creating the “post photographed” art, I go through a process of reflecting on the image as to bring out a thoughtful enhancement of the creative message, as well as creating a captivating sense of visual interest.

I embrace the perception that there is truth in art, a personal truth. Regardless of the tools you choose to express your vision, I believe that art comes from within and should be judged on it’s merits and that of the artist.

Yours truly
Manny Martins